Sportfishermen be advised that some heavy stuff is around the corner with the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA). If we in the sportfishing community don't get involved it looks like we will be paying the bill for the implementation.

If it's not done correctly the whole bill will land in our laps through further cost with our fishing licenses.

We anglers must take action to assure that the implementation is not done in a manner which unnecessarily blocks off fishing access and opportunities while costing the state as well as the sportfishing and boating communities millions of dollars each year.

Today, the Department of Fish and Game Commission will be meeting to discuss funding.

Readers, it is important that they hear from you.

Contact the Fish and Game and say, "The Sportfishing Community insists that adequate funding exists for scientific monitoring and enforcement safeguards in the newly created protected areas."

Better yet, visit and send them an email.

Fishing for white sea bass is gaining momentum as the pick on live squid is very sporadic. Some nights the squid will float within range of the anglers Crowder nets and the next night the seals are relentless in scattering them away from the lights.

Yes, it's true that most of the angler community swears by live squid for the ultimate candy bait but I don't think any self-respecting sea bass would passup a live mackerel or even a hot sardine that swam in front of him unless the bait is swimming through a bunch of squid.