Friday, May 29, 2009

Letter to Ken Wiseman and Don Benninghoven....

Dear Ken and Don,

I just wanted to write you this note to say that I am extremely gratified and pleased regarding the positive result of External Proposal A receiving the full 64 votes last Thursday. I believe this
result reflects the extremely hard work that all of the authors of External A in the Fisheries Information Network devoted to come up with a viable cross-interest proposal. As you know, I had a small part in crafting this proposal.

On the other hand, External Proposal C received only 29 votes, less than half of the RSG votes. This proposal appears to be a somewhat one-sided and myopic proposal. From the onset, with its original iteration, Proposal C has been unrealistic and callous. The authors have not attempted to reach out to opposing interests for compromise.

I was a steady observer of the Topaz gem group. That proposal was the product of heart-felt soul-searching and wrenching compromise. Now that proposal will be put on an equal footing with the unsupported and uncompromising External C proposal. This must certainly be a terrible disappointment to the hard working members of both Opal and Topaz gem
groups who took the I-team's and the BRTF's direction to heart to find compromise. I am deeply concerned that this decision will harden hearts and promote division in the SCRSG.

As you may know, I have stuck to my post and to my commitment to the MLPA process through considerable distraction as my mother lay on her death bed. I did this, believing that she would have wanted me to do so, as she was a dedicated biologist that loved our California Coast. Now I am faced with the regret that all of my and my colleagues work was in vain, due to this last minute decision that threw out, on an apparent whim, the I-Team and the BRTF's former direction.

I hope that you and the BRTF will answer my concerns and inform me why I should continue my efforts on behalf of the Marine Life Protection Act.

With respect, I submit this as a request to explain what appears to be a breach in good faith by the "powers that be" and to request why I should continue to expect fair and equal treatment by the Blue Ribbon Task Force and the I-Team.

Respectfully yours,

Captain Louie Zimm
Scripps Institution of Oceanography (retired)

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