Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Letter to the Palos Verdes Estates City Council

Dear PVE City Council Members,

I think delineating the future risk exposure to environmental litigation for MLPA Prop 1 and 3 will be important for you over the next few weeks.

Enclosed are some photos that I took on Oct. 14 after the rain.

We actually have an organization of coastal PV spearfishers that pick this stuff up! http://cdocs.org/

More importantly – Prop 2 is the right thing to do!

Choosing or failing to take a position on a proposal that has significant economic impact when a viable alternative exists is unwise in the middle of a recession.

Loss of coastal access due to tide-pool protection may not serve your larger community needs or desires.

The mayor seemed to be concerned about closing fishing at Pt. Vicente. I clearly pointed out that this area should be closed for public health reasons anyway. The ground fish are significantly more contaminated the closer you get to Whites Point and the LA harbor and the further into the Santa Monica bay you go.

The rocky point area has the cleanest fish on the whole peninsula and it's in your backyard. "Legacy contamination" as it is referred to has an ironic underpinning for your residents.

This was a very contentious issue early on in this process before the LACSD became a cross-interest supporter of Prop 2. You can find out a lot more here http://www.keeprockypointopen.com/index_files/Page825.htm.

Here is a PowerPoint that talks in length about the issue of chemical contamination on the Palos Verdes peninsula (and some others that have now been addressed).

The LACSD has shown that the fish stocks have recovered but the legacy of these chemicals continues to be detrimental to humans who fish there.


Thank you for your attention. Please keep me updated as to the progress of this issue.


Joe Farlo, MD

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