Monday, March 30, 2009

Diane Pleschner-Steele letter in the Los Angeles Times

Letter to the editor in the Los Angeles Times responding to this story.

Contrary to perceptions of exploitation, "wetfish" resources -- including sardine, anchovy and market squid -- support sustainable fisheries, all strictly regulated under state and federal laws.

California's wetfish industry supports science-based conservation efforts and has developed a partnership with federal and state scientists to advance squid and wetfish research and management.

Failing to consider fishery management before proposing to close more prime fishing grounds will inflict unnecessary economic hardship on California's historic, family-owned fishing businesses as well as harbor communities such as San Pedro. Wetfish resources have been the backbone of California's fishing economy for more than a century.

Excessive closures will jeopardize thousands of jobs, delivering negligible environmental benefit.

Diane Pleschner-Steele

Buellton, Calif.

The writer is executive director of the California Wetfish Producers Assn.

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