Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Little Diversion from the Horror of MPAs.

If you or anyone you know ever do any surf fishing, you may want to do it before your favorite spot is closed.

New Publication - Beach Fishing Guides for Southern and Central California Anglers

Did you know that anglers are more likely to catch certain surf fishes on an incoming high tide or that the peak months for catching California halibut are May to August in Central California, but June to October in Southern California?Two new guides produced by California Sea Grant and the California Department of Fish and Game offer tips to anglers on when to go beach fishing to catch target species, what to look for in the surf to improve your chances, and rods and reels to consider. The centerpiece of each brochure is a beautifully illustrated key to commonly caught surf species in Southern and Central California.To download printable PDFs of the brochures, visit California Sea Grant at
or the California Department of Fish and Game's Guide to Beach Fishing Website at

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